Etobicoke Physiotherapy Clinic for Neurological Injuries

Propel Physiotherapy’s services are tailored to provide quality care for people with catastrophic neurological injuries, as well as complex orthopedic injuries. Injuries of this nature are commonly a result of motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, and high velocity/ high impact mechanisms of injury, which require a different approach than common sports or work-related injuries. We have set ourselves apart by the quality of care our clinicians provide and the unique setting we provide to meet the individual of these clients.


Our comprehensive client-centered approach allows each clinician to spend valuable and meaningful time with each client. This is especially important for people who have sustained a brain or spinal cord injury. To accommodate these complexities, we will see some of our clients for an hour to an hour and a half for assessments and treatment sessions; and there is additional preparation time that goes into each appointment.

We take a hands-on approach to treatment. Our therapists have specific training required to address the needs for this type of clientele, which includes manual therapy, soft tissue release, NDT/ Bobath assessment and treatment techniques, normal movement, vestibular rehabilitation, acupuncture, pelvic floor physiotherapy, chronic pain management, exercise programming, and mindfulness.

Once a program of care is created and is tailored to the client’s specific goals, treatment is delivered where it suits them best — whether that is in the home, at work, in a local pool or recreation centre, or in our west end Toronto clinic.


Our clinic space is designed for the needs of our clientele. The 4,500-square-foot space promotes an open concept with the option to have a private treatment room as well. Propel Physiotherapy’s clinical setting has wide hallways, push-button doorways, and is a fully accessible, level-floored ground unit. Parking and drop off is convenient for drivers and passengers, alike.
Propel Physiotherapy leading clinic for the treatment of catastrophic neurological injuries
The adaptive equipment we have on-site include, but are not limited to the following:

  • NDT/Bobath treatment tables designed to be larger and wider in order to accommodate different body types and abilities.
  • Mechanical lift to assist people getting into and out of their power, or manual wheelchairs.
  • The LiteGait body weight supported harness system for treadmill and functional gait training, designed for individuals who have balance deficits, ambulatory impairments, or specific types of paralysis. Individuals who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, may be suitable for this type of equipment.
  • Adaptive exercise equipment like the Nu-Step, Arm-ergometer, and Motomed designed for clients with injuries that limit their ability to sit, stand, or walk without assistance.
  • A fully accessible gym that can be modified to address the goals of client who are manual or powered wheelchair users.
  • Private treatment rooms for physiotherapy and massage therapy sessions, with softer and warmer lighting options. These rooms are ideal for individuals who may experience chronic pain, headaches, and light sensitivity.
  • Parallel bars for progressing weight bearing and balance for individuals who have post-surgical precautions or for people who have sustained injuries that limit their balance and ambulation quality.
  • Yoga studio for a quieter exercise setting for those who may suffer from light sensitivity, post-concussion syndrome, or become irritable with louder sounds.


Our team consists of 20 health professionals spanning from registered physiotherapists, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, and massage therapists. We adopt a team-based approach to provide the best functional outcomes possible for our clients.
Meet our team.

If someone you know has sustained a life-changing injury and requires support in their rehabilitation, please contact us at Propel Physiotherapy so we can begin their journey to recovery, together.