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Pediatric Physiotherapists’ Role

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Children with congenital conditions don’t compare themselves to their neurotypical peers, they just want to play as a group. Children with orthopaedic concerns don’t see their seating or mobility devices as a hindrance, they see them as a means to access the school library, or sit at their desk to write...
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How physio differs from chiro and massage

This week, we tackle another one of your most asked questions in our special Client Appreciation Month series called Ask Me Anything.


One of the most frequently asked questions by all of our clients is how physiotherapy differs from chiropractic treatment and massage therapy; and...
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My Traumatic Brain Injury Road to Recovery

Eighteen Months into Rehabilitation

I am a 50-plus, professional, reasonably athletic mother of three. I am currently 18 months into recovery from a serious accident that caused me many physical injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. I am writing about my experience as part of my therapy and hopefully to provide some context or helpful information...
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Mindfulness: Reduce Stress & Chronic Pain

Retrain Your Brain for Better Physical and Mental Health

How many of us have gotten to our destination after driving in our cars, only to ask ourselves, how did we get here? Or, have had encounters with coworkers, friends or family members only to ask ourselves what did we talk about? Our lives have turned into...
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