Registered Massage Therapist at Propel Physiotherapy

Karolina Miszczyk is experienced in treating sport related injuries, repetitive strain, post-surgery rehabilitation, stroke and heart attack patients, as well as spinal cord injuries and other neural conditions. She is very methodical in her approach. During a treatment, she imagines all the muscles in the body and works through them individually, and as muscle group’s agonists and antagonists, just like they would pair when performing any activity. She uses very deep pressure when necessary and modifies to the softest touch when it is more beneficial.

Karolina has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. She received her massage therapy training from Kikkawa College in 2012. Karolina also completed the Active Release Techniques (ART) Certificate, and is training to become a full body certified ART provider. The study of human anatomy and physiology, and its constant evolution has driven her to think beyond standard practices and find ways to work with and aid the body’s natural healing mechanism.

New massage clients are often surprised at how therapeutic sessions with Karolina can be. In addition to relieving tension and pain in muscles, they often find their stress levels decrease. This often comes just from talking about their daily anxieties, even before the massage is in full swing.

When Karolina was a girl, her baby cousin underwent surgery that left her entire right side paralyzed. Only through massage therapy was she finally able to walk at the age of two and a half. The change she saw in her cousin’s body inspired her to be able to help others to do the same.

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She works closely with other health care professionals to continue in her own personal growth, and to ensure that her clients receive thorough and comprehensive care with lasting results. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients’ hard work paying off.

Karolina is also a proud doula and an advocate for women’s rights and education. She is passionate about pregnancy and birthing. She tries to educate women on the choices they have when it comes to these processes, as well as providing relaxation techniques and emotional support.

In her personal life, Karolina is the mother of a lively toddler. He keeps her busy at the park and in the backyard or playing building blocks and colouring. When he is asleep, she loves to look through cookbooks and dream that one day she will return to making fantastic feasts.

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